We design, manufacture and sell affordable furniture with a socially and environmentally sustainable production process. We don’t exploit cheap labour, engage in senseless logistics or overproduction. Our furniture is cleverly designed to be delivered in flat packages and easily assembled with basic tools.


We manufacture locally in Stockholm, on-demand, through the use of computer controlled milling machines. This allows for a quick and seamless manufacturing process while eliminating any overproduction.


Our products are made from Valchromat, an environmentally friendly fiberboard. This contemporary sheet material is created using recycled wood waste, such as chips and branches found on the forest floor. The wood fibers are dyed with organic colors and bonded with a non-toxic resin—approved even for use in children's toys. Although the material itself is moisture-resistant, we treat all surfaces with a natural hardwax oil, providing an additional seal for protection against stains.


For all questions and inquiries regarding our products or business please send us an email at info@primary-structures.com

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